Prayer Connects Us to God

The more time you spend with something or someone, the more confidence you build in it. The same is true for God. The more time you spend with God, the more your faith in Him will grow.
If you ever get to a place in your life where you feel like something is missing, it’s probably a connection problem: you are disconnected from God and too connected to the world. Prayer and fasting can have a powerful impact on setting your life back on track.

Prayer Cards

On Sunday mornings we encourage you to fill out a Prayer Card, so our team can pray for you or feel free to fill out an online prayer card below.

21 Days of Prayer

Every January and August we spend 21 days seeking God through prayer. We have seen lives impacted in huge ways by these 21 days. Click below for additional “Prayer Resources” for throughout the year!
Biblical Fasting
Fasting is a deliberate abstinence from physical gratification – usually going without food for a period of time. Fasting and prayer helps us focus on God by changing our heart & mind – bringing us closer to Him. To learn more about Fasting, please click below.
Fasting Resources
Have you considered how you will read God’s Word in 2023? Bible reading is a vital part of the Christian life. It is through reading God’s Word that we hear from God, and it is through praying that we talk back to God. We encourage you to start a daily reading plan. YouVerse is an excellent app to help with that.
Studying the Word is also important, and we want to help you improve in this area of your spiritual walk.
We have started a Bible study program using the SOAP method. Each week we will update this page with the scripture to study.
What is the SOAP method?
*S – Scripture (Write it down in your journal)
*O – Observation (What stands out to you? What is the context of this verse)
*A – Application (How can I apply this verse to my life? What is God trying to tell me? Is there an area of my life that I need to change as a result of reading this verse?
*P – Prayer (Whatever He revealed to you during your study, ask Him for guidance and wisdom as you apply what you have learned)
1, 2, 3 John Reading Plan
Day 1:  1 John 1:1 – 4